It is so easy to feel that as a man, everything falls on your shoulders; every weight and responsibility is yours to carry, when in fact that’s not how God designed it. He wants you to be like David – a great King and warrior – who was consistently going to God to receive everything he needed to continue to move forward in strength. You weren’t meant to do it alone, God desires to take the burden for you and equip you to lead well.

Join us for our monthly Men’s Influence breakfast where we talk about life, leadership and what it looks like to lead a Godly life.

Mens Influence Gathering

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Our monthly gathering exists to build one another up as men in the faith. We believe spending time over a meal, creating a space for authentic conversation and digging into the Word is what we need in order to grow deeper and wider in relationship with one another and with God. Join us as we spend time with panel discussions, a time of Worship and a delicious wide spread breakfast!